The art life

I don’t know if its just me or if most people working in their creative field feel this way, but I have so many ideas and projects that I struggle to get them all to fruition.  Not to mention the necessary evil of having to earn a paycheck to pay off all those taxes, fines, car repairs and miscellaneous bills. Suddenly there is little time to focus on your own passion projects. I’m fascinated and admittedly a little jealous of people who posses the magical mixture of creative prowess and business smarts. They seem to know where to focus their attention and align themselves with the coolest, most influential people who can get their work in front of people who want to pay them monies. All while staying true to their artistic vision. I think part of it is having an excess of self confidence and an attitude of not giving a fuck. Both of which I struggle with on the daily. As it turns out, being a sensitive hermit-artist doesn’t really take you that far (dammit!).

But this is stuff we already know. And I’m not coming here to complain (that much).  The fact is I had an amazing experience selling my art, face to face, at Montreal’s own Fleek Market.  It was my second time around, but I came at it strong with an eye-catching booth, larger prints presented in a slick fashion, and the right attitude to draw people into my zone and talk about my work.  It’s such a satisfying feeling when people get excited over your work, and then want to purchase it and display it in their homes. It pushes me to create better stuff and be the best artists I can be…nothing better for the artists soul that some real life contact with your audience.

So, to channel the spirit of pure confidence and staying true to one’s self, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite pieces commissioned by friend/muse. I mean, just look at her. A double bodied snake goddess. I don’t think anyone would mess with her.




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