Dream Teams (part one)

I spend a lot of time online talking about myself.  There’s so much pressure share our experiences, tailor and curate them to look as desirable as possible. So, today is a welcome break from gabbing about myself and pay mega respect to the people who give me the greatest gift of all: inspiration.  If you find yourself on this list, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.  And lets get together again and make some magic. So, without further ado I present my biggest inspirations along with examples of the things we made together. Warning, this is going to be a long, sappy post.

Number one. My sister.  JoEllen AKA Lillyxandra Elam.  It’s a no brainer.  She is the prototype for all of my female relationships.  Not only a big sister, but a creative powerhouse and embodiment of The American Dream.  She and I were basically joined at the hip. We shared our ideas, sketchbooks, and circle of friends. Turns out that kind of sisterhood is rare, so I count myself as lucky that we didn’t fight or hate each other.  She and I developed our creativity together (with the blessing of parents who allowed us to dress up as fairies and build forts in the woods).  Now, she is the CEO of her own costume design house, Firefly Path (a name we both coined when we were still dressing up as fairies in our grandma’s back yard.)  She’s pretty much famous in the cosplay/fantasy costume circles. I’m incredibly proud of her and always brag about my super successful sister who lives in LA and gets to fly everywhere for free (jealous). In my example I have a couple of shoots we did together in Montreal and LA along with a stationary letterhead I created for her buisness  FIREFLY-PATH



Julie is my best friend and surrogate sister. She and I even refer to ourselves as “The Snake Sisters”. I think it came after one too many sake bombs, but I digress.  It’s a suitable name for the kind of relationship we have; tangled up around each other and very much involved with each other’s lives.  While she and I rarely collaborate on creative projects, there are some defining moments in my artistic endeavours that are inspired by our relationship.  Mostly involving snakes (sorry mom). She was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Montreal, and she’s basically family at this point. Her greatest creative gift is that of message therapy and the healing arts. She’s a business savvy woman and a self proclaimed lone wolf who knows what she likes and never compromises. Snake sisters for life. Here I have a logo I made for her message therapy business, and a poster dedicated to #snakesisters.   JULIEMIREILLE


Autumn Wood might be one of the most multi talented people on the planet.  She makes me look like a lazy hack.  I first collaborated with her on this incredible winter-baroque dinner party that she organised and decorated. It was fully staffed with catering and  a wine sommalier, plus it doubled as a bridal photo shoot to be submitted in magazines for publications.  Autumn was at the head of it all, calling the shots, arranging the plates and decorating the entire dining room like an enchanted moss covered forest.  She dreams big and has the guts to pull it off. She is constantly inspiring me to work harder, be more ambitious and to stay true to my aesthetic.  But beyond that we really get each other. She’s one of the best people to go thrifting with because she knows how to spot the real diamonds in the rough. We can make each other laugh-cry and reminisce about our lives growing up in the Southern USA.  I’m constantly learning from her and count myself as lucky to call her my friend.  She and I have worked together on so many occasions, and I’m always down to capture the beauty she creates. Here are some shots from the dinner party/bridal photoshoot and a lookbook we created for a local jewerly designer.  She focuses her efforts now on prop and food styling. Watch her star rise!   www.autumnwoodpropstylist.com


I first knew of Izzy Hayes before I even moved to Montreal through the Flickr group Wardrobe Remix.  I absolutely adored her vintage, mod style and beautiful blog.  It was after a couple years of living in Montreal that I worked up the nerve to reach out to her for a vintage clothing swap that I was organising.  We really hit it off from our first meeting and were fast making plans for photo shoots and creative collaborations.  I adore her original, colourful style and wonderful taste in fashion and music. She is not only an avid collector of vintage clothing and accessories, but she’s also a talented seamstress, jewellery maker and DYI queen.  I would often use her as a wardrobe stylist on photo shoots and could depend on her to bring the fun, colourful style that I love so much. Here are some of my favourite shoots with her. One is a psychedelic summer shoot, another a dreamy Woody Allen inspired shoot in a green house, and the last an angelic photo shoot amongst the flowers. I also made a logo for her new line of jewellery, Cosmic Traveler.



cosmictravler poster


That is all for today. But there are so many more special people that I am going to highlight! The list goes on believe me! Well, thank you for joining in on this little trip down memory lane. I can’t wait to share memories and past projects that I made with my incredibly talented friends.




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