Dream Teams (part 2)

Photography has the illusion of being an individual endeavour.  The viewer has this notion that the photographer happens upon or creates a scene all by themselves and perfectly captures it.  Well boys and girls, that’s not the case! At least not in my own experience.  Unless perhaps you are taking candids on the street or landscape photography, it takes more than one person to pull off a great image. Whether it’s a stylist, makeup artist or the model, there’s a beautiful interplay that goes on between myself and everyone involved. So, I’m never able to claim full ownership of my images…they partly belong to the people working along side me. Once again, here are some of the people who have helped me produce my best work.

The Lady Josephine is my muse. There’s no other way to put it.  I have photographed her more than any other person. I could create an entire gallery just on her images alone. She’s the embodiment of what I find ideal: tall, strong, creative, in touch with her femininity, and frighteningly beautiful.  We met many years ago modeling at a hair show. At the time she was a budding burlesque performer and needed someone to take pictures for her.  Fast forward a few years and she’s an award winning burlesquer who has become a fixture in the Montreal scene. No one else is able to push me to my creative limits like she can. I’m lucky to have such a person in my life who I can call a friend and collaborator.  Arabesque Burlesque



Over the years of photographing various subjects, I’ve found my favourite: Hair Photography! It’s an interesting mix of fashion, portraiture, beauty and product photography.  I love portraiture in general, but hair photography takes it to the next level! Getting involved with the salon community has been such a rewarding experience and I’ve met so many creative people who can share their passion with me.  So, to work with someone as talented as Kathy Simon, I consider myself lucky.  Kathy is a highly accomplished hair dresser who has her own school and method of cutting.  She’s another example of powerful female excellence that I aspire to. She’s driven, insanely talented, a general badass, yet still one of the most approachable and generous professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  She and I have worked together on an number of shoots to capture her hair collections.   MekkaSystems



They’re both perfect examples of the unique power that women have in the creative work force.  They each have specific visions, an incredible wealth of talent, but most importantly the guts to pull it all off.  Bravo ladies!


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