Things that never came to be

Something that I have had to grapple with as an artist is to accept the fact that some of the projects and pitches I make may never come to fruition.  Especially if you are dealing with large projects that involve many different contributors and opinions. You’ll put your whole heart and soul into something only to have it brushed off or never used.  Stings a bit, but you kinda get used it. It makes you work harder and not get too attached to your own ideas.  About a year ago I was approached to make graphics and collages for a music festival in the Caribbean.  Unfortunately the client had decided to go into another direction, but I was pretty proud of the things I made for the pitch. The concept was a magical jungle on an isolated island where you party all night. While these concepts never got to see the light of day, it certainly did push my limits and helped me level up my skills.  See? There’s always a bright side!




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