Tarot madness

I’ve been working on my own version on the tarot cards over the past several months. My intention was to remake the 22 major arcana cards from the deck. After a long break from the project, I’ve returned with 2 more finished cards. I think I have about three more to go before I have them all covered! There is a part of me that wants to finish the entire 78, but I know it would take me forever to complete! There are so many different renditions of the tarot, and after just nearly completing the major arcada, I have mad respect for those who have finished all 78 cards.  There is a big part of me that wants to complete the entire deck, but I don’t know if I have the motivation. Did I bite off more than I can chew or should I just press on and get it all under my belt? I’ve even been designing the back of the deck if it should ever get printed.

Here are my latest 2 cards, Temperance and The Hierophant. I’ve also added an idea for the backs of these cards. Decisions decisions!




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