The Emperor

Little by little I close in on my goal to complete the Major Arcana.  I feel like I could have finished months ago, but my rate of completing collages has diminished lately. But I got all the time in the world, right? In any case I’ve got one more finished and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Emperor is really supposed to be a bearded male figure on a throne, but I decided to stick with my female only theme.  On this card you’ll see the emperor standing on a throne made of the world, supported by the heads of rams and a barren mountain in the back ground.  This all signifies how the ruler has the world in her grasp and stands before the mountains of experience that she’s endured in the past.  The earth is literally in her grasp and she exerts dominion over her personal kingdom.  The ram heads below represent self determination, hard work, and Aires which is her astral ruler. She’s got a passion for life and clear vision of the future that she will personally manifest into reality.  Basically she’s a boss-ass bitch.


the emperor


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