Dream Journal One

Nearly every night I have vivid and memorable dreams. The content of these events has always fascinated me, and I’ve had this desire to write them down for my own analysis. I can’t promise that I won’t abandon this journal in a few months, but I’ll start now while the desire hits me.

The Night of Feb 11th. Major theme is that I’m visiting my sister a new apartment that her husband bought for her.  Its a tiny apartment in my parent’s old home, yet still in LA.  It’s outfitted with a small black and pink stove that makes me jealous.  She has an academy award proudly displayed on her mantle while someone brings here an even larger one from another room.  It’s hers but it has someone else’s name written on it. She laughs at that fact and puts it next to her first trophy.

Part two involves me inspecting the strange teeth of a tiny elephant. The elephant has rows of teeth like corn stalks that grow from it’s jaws. I’m about to try a steak made out of it’s trunk. It’s supposed to be a delicacy.

I woke up this morning optimistic .





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