Dream Journal day 3

Day three. Four actually, but you’ll let it slip right? Last dream was a new theme that I’ve acquired lately: the trip to Japan. I’ve had quite a few dreams that centred around the memories of going to Japan.  This dream involved a surprise trip to Tokyo where I meet my brother and sister again. Only this time we are confined to a multi storied mall where I get captivated by a Beck concert, full an automatons and gunslingers. I can’t seem to break away from the excitement. I’m supposed to meet up with my brother and sister at some point, but I can’t seem to pull myself away. Suddenly a storm blows over the shopping mall and I must relocate my brother. We get separated by a vast escalator. I’m wearing some ridiculous dress that gets torn up by the winds. My brother stands on the other side the escalators mildly annoyed by my wardrobe issues.

And there you go. Mary’s subconscious remixing and reminiscing on my adventure to Japan.



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