Dream Journal Day 5 and Reflections

I’ve actually had a few nights between these last entries. Sometimes the dream is just so fragmented that I can’t quite put together the narrative.  The past few nights have been like this. Hopefully I’ll get some clearer pictures again, but I feel this process of writing it down will increase the dream recall. The other day I was explaining to my husband my dream journal, and we got on the conversation of how real or unreal a dream my feel.  He said “I always kind of know I’m dreaming. It’s different from the way it feels to be awake”.  While that is mostly true, I’ve had those hair-raising experiences where I’m 100% convinced that my dream is real. It’s usually a nightmare though. This point  got me thinking and paying attention to how real they feel and what that means about the content of the dream.

So in the dream I’m about to put on some futuristic VR helmet. It looks like a psychedelic version of the Xenomorph from the movie Aliens.  People are waiting in line to try it, and I’m watching the person before me slip it on over his head. Suddenly coloured lights are emitted from it and he’s having some kind of amazing experience. All the white I watch feel an up welling of fear and excitement to try it on. The people in the line are telling me that it’s going to change my whole perspective on life…permanently.  I’m starting to feel queasy with excitement. I wake up.





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