Screen Sirens

The last couple of days have been pretty fruitful for new art production. And I must say, I’m rather proud of my latest series which focuses on my favourite actresses and models. Today I’ll debut my first, Isabella.  I found this amazing photograph of Isabella Rossellini that was begging to be used in a collage.  She’s just an incredible actress and model. There is this otherworldly quality to her when she acts and speaks.  She’s just so alluring with her mysterious sounding voice and dark features on top of her ivory skin.  I wanted this collage to reflect her spooky beauty.



This print is now available in my Society 6 shop HERE. I’ve also formatted it for shower curtains, t-shirts, bags, and pillows for your home!


Demon Thoughts

I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough in the last couple of days. I had gotten so focused on creating pieces for my tarot collection that I was feeling a bit bogged down by the heavy usage of symbolism.  Naturally I don’t use a lot of symbolic images in my work…the ideas formulate at the same time of creation.  Very rarely do I approach a piece of artwork with a clear idea of what I want out of it, or rarely do I ever have a specific concept that I want to communicate. I allow the process to surprise me! In today’s example, “Demon Thoughts”, I started with a mannequin’s face and the atomic structures floating out of her head.  Seeing the combination of scientific imagery and the face made me think of how humans have this incredible power to turn ideas into something great or something terrible.  In this piece I wanted to suggest the darker side of ideas.  She seems to be plotting something….


If you like what you see and think it would look good in your home, go to my Society 6 store HERE! I’ve also formatted these to be worn as t-shirts!

Hello Hello Hello!

Greetings and welcome to my blog! If you are reading this you might already know who I am and have been following my work for a while. If not, please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mary (obvious!) and I’ve been in the business of making art and photography for many years now. Recently I’ve discovered a passion for making digital collage, and I wanted to create a space where I can have an open discussion about the processes, the inspiration, and details about my work.  Living in the digital era gives artists the freedom to show their work to a broad audience…practically the entire world if you get lucky enough! Though that freedom comes at the cost of people’s artwork feeling extremely temporal and unbounded by meaning. In these times I find it more important than ever for artists to take the time to explain why they do what they do, and hopefully inspire others to communicate and express their own artistic motives! So here I am doing my part giving my audience a glimpse inside the mind of an artist.

To celebrate my first post for the blog, I’ll share some fresh work with you! This piece is entitled Jade Empress.  She came to me after a frenzy of reformatting my older work for print to be sold at an upcoming craft fair. I had been staring at my old pieces for so long that I felt the need to make something new. Fortunately she came out pretty easily. It’s funny how temperamental creativity can be. Sometimes the ideas just flow right out and everything comes together so neatly that you almost can’t take ownership of them…and then other times you work and work and work on a piece, but never feel quite satisfied with it.  This one is definitely in the former group! Thank goodness too, because I had been experiencing some serious artistic blockage! jade

If you like what you see and want this piece for your own, check out my Society 6 shop! And for the record, I’m very appreciative when people want to spend their hard earned cash on my art.  Every purchase encourages me and shows that my work has value. So go out there and support artists! They really need your validation!